A suite of services and assets to propel strategic directions from a group of passionate professionals

Real Estate

Strategically we invest and build Class A facilities in higher profile areas to support ClassA  tenants generally within a 45-minute radius of  Brant County, Ontario Canada.Our footprint typically range from 10,000 square feet  to a 300,000 square feet, and generally built to accommodate one or two expansion phases.. We design every property so that it can be easily demised  to accommodate  changing needs of tenants and changing expectations and standards in the marketplace.

We realize the importance of building relationships with our tenant partners. We assist with their strategic growth plans as we incubate space and facilities or custom builds to match those  plans. Managing a growing business, especially in uncertain times,  can be l stressful. We like to think that 214or our partners can help.

At any given time 214 has a minimum 10-year inventory of lands and projects in its pipeline. This substantial inventory allows for flexibility in organizing and planning our development schedule. It also means that we can be largely in control of our future and that of our tenants when it comes to facilities. Our nimble group is in a position to react to changing targets, markets and demands that ultimately make us a value-added and secure partner  to work with.

Working with professionals in the global real estate market makes us aware of trends, market demands, designs, and amenities that we incorporate into ours and our tenants' projects.


Where it all starts... everyday,  214 seeks out and  entertains opportunities to acquire vacant, strategically located lands in all sectors. We pride ourselves on the success of what can be a grueling and time-consuming process to re-zone, plan, and engineer future developments.

Working with Ontario's top planners and engineering firms we direct what ultimately becomes the evolution of a Class A community, creating opportunities, job security, and family homes.

Working with various real estate agencies, landowners, business', and our community reaching 214 brand reputation we are able to  diligently acquire or partner with a multitude of opportunities and assets that we sell, build on, or lease.

Our Process:
mine - due diligence - purchase
planning - field studies - reports - justification - approvals
engineering - testing - reports - design - approvals
construction - cut/fill/balance - servicing  permits


214 outside of a real estate company has evolved into a full-service design - build General Constructor with adjacent internal divisions in  earth works and site servicing.

We design build commercial, industrial, and residential projects and communities. We build new and repurposed projects.

With a core competency in Pre-Engineered building systems we work with a multitude of qualified suppliers and systems where we obtain competitive pricing and delivery to match any project. Our 214-brand culture delivers a high-quality product that is expected to lead design trends and function as good or better than any  leading design.

Internally we rely heavily on our team of project managers, architects, and site supervisors to collaboratively design and build our projects. Customers find themselves engaged in as much or as little as they would like. we work in a transparent environment and include all stake holders in all discussions within our projects.

Much like our internal team, execution by our teams in the  field is critical to our success in delivering projects on budget, on schedule and on time all carrying the 214  brand. All groups work closely together and communicate daily and weekly onsite.

A project at 214 often starts  with raw lands.

Our experienced team supervise  and oversee our servicing group perform the cut  and fill to balance the site and then install servicing including storm, sewer, water, hydro, fiber, etc. Moving through excavation and foundation installation to building erection and completion. We pay special attention to finishing details and the process of completion and turnover.

We have assembled an experienced and talented team that enables us to complete and control the most critical aspects of any project, from start to finish, including project managers, designers, site supervisors, equipment operators, and general labourers.  We have solid working relationships with the best sub-contractors in the business including engineering, pre-engineered vendors, building erection, plumbing, electrical, drywall, paint, insulation, concrete, paving etc. And our own facility management team to take over at completion to install landscaping and hardscaping and maintain the property on an ongoing basis.

Turnover is an exciting time for our group as they also prepare for the next venture... Pizza is a good sign of a turnover day!

Mergers and Acquisitions

In 2008 214 bought its first company in Paris Ontario and over a decade assisted in that's company growth to 50+ times its sales levels. It was sold in 2021 to a Canadian Publicly traded Company

214 is engaged in a construction company in Burlington On that was a start up in 2011 and actively growing its business every year with the majority of its customers on the fortune 500 list

In 2020 - 2021 we sold two successful private companies in manufacturing and the other in telecom to publicly traded active firms.

In 2014 we invested in a young entrepreneur in London Ontario in a  digital space that focused on custom programming ,  web applications  and design. While completely out of our comfort zone and  requiring that we provide back office and funding support,  our intuition was to become a partner..... we're now an integral part of a stable, exciting business.... and in front of us a young man maturing as he builds a team of others just like him, delivering creative genius and excellence.

At any given time we have a vested ownership in active companies with a focus on the balance sheet and growth. Using capital injections, management oversight, and experience in exit strategies we work with current ownership and/or the management team as we prepare for a build and exit.

Being an intimate group, our due diligence window is short. We do not seek to be actively engaged in day to day running of new businesses, rather we are silent partners, participating strategically and at Board level. We look for and and entertain proven businesses or individuals with a "hurdle" they need to overcome e. g.  capital injection, financing support, mentoring, governance, back office, systems and the like, all of which might be  needed to take them to the next level.

Our goal is to exit the business with an ownership group that ultimately wants out for what may be a variety of reasons. The indifference point, Evolution, and retirement being key factors.


214 sees the necessary diversity within a business to protect its enterprise and ultimate security and success. Balancing cash flows and making every dollar count is a not just a strategic way to prepare for in opportune times and activity, but is simply a critical mindset. Financing, whether by way of actual borrowing or by standby facilities  plays an integral part in every business.  

Our intimate environment and flat organization structure creates speed to market and a fairly streamlined process with standard due diligence, terms, and securities.

Internally we discuss and understand an opportunity and can quickly establish a rating and due diligence window with requirements for further discussions and  next steps. Our process is registered and again moves quickly through legal.

Like the banks our appetite for various markets swing.... except for real estate  one way or another, we will always focus on real estate as our priority.

Facility Maintenance

Wrapping up our full service offering, and brand standards is our facility maintenance group. With stiff direction on standards, safety, and execution our teams manage the daily routines of all Class A facilities ensuring they function and operate in a preventative management state to eliminate costs due to bad upkeep.

It is crucial for 214's brand that all facilities are safe and lead their respective sectors in appearance and optics. From landscaping to snow removal and all things in between including seasonal and weather clean ups and turn overs.

Like our tenant partners we take great pride in the facilities they operate in. These facilities are complementary to their businesses and we maintain them to a standard that they are a source of pride and satisfaction to everyone working in them or visiting.


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