About US

Driving process, culture, and brand in every day life


Passionate individuals working towards the highest standards

Organizing a group of passionate individuals with a willingness to trade hard work and dedication for job security, experience, and opportunity;

A confidence to venture and succeed in multiple related and un-related business, diversities, and divisions

A shared appreciation for high standards, future trends and work ethics;

A common goal to grow personally and corporately;

Mutual understanding of a focus on BRAND, process and execution and the constant pursuit thereof

214 Carson Co. builds Ontario industrial development niche


Freedom to maximize our now and our future

We strive:

To be in control of our day-to-day activity and future;

To ensure succession and redundancy to support the management of our businesses;

To diversify sources of income to minimize business risks;

To invest heavily in a multitude of tangible assets;

To purchase/invest in businesses we can help grow, with clearly defined strategic exit plans;

To build projects on our terms with as little outside influence or control as possible;


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